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Friday, March 21, 2003
I think I'm going to move this blog in a different direction, more like the Lemon's journal and my adventures in trying to release this CD.

For starters, I'm working hard on the Design elements of the CD itself. I will post jpegs soon with the final comps. I'm swamped with school and a freelancing project, but will have more time soon. I will end up pressing 1000 CDs, full color in jewel cases and shink wrapped. Then the real adventure begins! Distribution! maybe I'll have all the lemon heads sell them on the street. I for one will be selling them out the back of my car. It's my estimation that I will be able to sell these Full Lps (on CD) for $5.00. Cheap! Although in stores they will prob raise that price. Hopefully I'll have a small budget for advertising in some underground magazines. That way I can get some web site hits and possibly sell a few LPs. I'm excited that im moving towards having a finished project. When its done, I've already planned phase 2, an instrumental album featuring my production and the talents of some of the compadres.


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